Delacroix update 5711

The ups and downs !
Well it’s been a while since I’ve been st this computer so I will try to fill ya’ll in a little on whats happnin!
As we all know the big muddy is rising faster than Obama can book a show on Opra and with all that the corpse of engineers are trying its still coming our way.
Depending on the wind direction is where you will have your best chances of finding cleaner water in Black Bay.
Any thing out the southeast is pushing the river water from Venice towards Hopedale , Delacroix and Pt A Lahache, basically Breton Sound and Black Bay in general.
The further north you go the cleaner the water will be with some good catches coming from the rocks and Bay Eloi area.
The siphon has been off in Carenarvon for a while to appease the oysterman that are getting too much fresh water on their poor little rocks due to the influx from Bayou Lamouque and the hole in the levee at Ostrica which is giving the interior a chance to clean up a little.
With all that said there are plenty of nice size trout being caught on the inside marsh from Skippy Lake, Pt Fienne , Bay Jack , Little Crevasse and so on because the shrimp are coming in thru the main channels like Oak river,False River,Grand Pt and so on.
Plenty of trout under the birds early in the morning and late evening with mixed sizes from the 11′’ tight eye dinks to 3lb yellow mouth slabs.
Most fish have been full of eggs and will be doing their business for the next couple of full moons.
With the price of fuel as high as the river most people are settling for the shorter runs in the marsh and looking for better fish in the mix.
To me that’s the better fish to eat but we all love to hear a drag scream like Nancy Pelosi at a republican convention with sow trout on the other end.
The trout are still hitting plastics but cant resist a live shrimp when put in front of them.
The tides will play a big roll on where you should start your day as well as the winds so try to use as much info as possible before heading out to rip a few lips and fill the box.
Just like Bin Laden I have to go now cause someone is at the door but I’ll try to kepp ya’ll updated .

Till next time…..Take a trip and rip some lips!

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