The Pilgrim

Pilgrim pirates in Delacroix !
Well folks it’s just not the safe in this world any more.
I was standing on my dock when all of a sudden this Pilgrim sneaks up behind me sticks the point of his fillet knife at me and says he’s a pirate that’s hijacking me and my boat to a secret spot in Black Bay to find his buried treasure of trout and reds.
Who was I to argue since he was the one holding the knife ,although it was still in the sheath and the wrapper from the store including the price tag!
Well he grabbed his beer..uh I mean gear and pointed to the south east and said go till I Tell you to stop and with that we headed the Black Pearl to Black Bay !
Shutting down in the middle of nowhere on a small island I set anchor and the pilgrim pulled his seven foot sword out the rod holder swinging it around like a drunk on camp street putting the first cast straight in front of a three pound trout.
I was totally amazed at this then he did it again and again till he was pounding on his chest like a silver back ape looking at a nude photo of Rosie Odonelle !
We had a ball catching trout up to three pounds as well as a few pesky bull reds that would crash the party from time to time.
All was well till he opened the cooler and took out a DIET COKE AND ACTUALLY DRANK FROM IT !!!!
As he did this unthinkable act of defiance to all his beer drinking buccaneers around the globe the universe shifted and the tide STOPPED COMPLETELY killing the bite !
I almost made him walk the plank but fortunately the box was full of treasure and we were ready to head in before we were spotted on our tiny uninhabited island!
It was a blast to have such company in my presence and I look forward to his future trips with Don and his buddies.

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