Delacroix island update 52711

Delacroix Fishing uh Catching Report!

As the weather progresses and the river reduces the fish have been going nuts.
It’s like they have been waiting all winter to entertain us and they are putting on their best act.
Even under small craft warnings we are filling the box with trout and reds in the marsh that have been gorging up the shrimp that are entering the marshes to do their thing.
When weather permits the outside runs in Black Bay and Breton Sound have been outstanding to say the least with trout feeding in frenzies from two to five pounds coming to the net three and four at a time.
The Delacroix, Shell Beach and Hopedale fishing is at it’s best of the year so far but will only get better as conditions improve with the river dropping and the winds finally laying down the water will continue to clear up in areas we have been waiting to hit all summer.
The anticipation is kinda like Rosie Odonald waiting outside a doughnut shop waiting for it to open!
Although many trout are wanting the live bait there are plenty willing to take the plastics the key is to match the hatch.
Take note of the shrimp at the local marina as well as the ones being popped out the water while you are fishing and try to match the size to the plastics you throw ..NO MATTER HOW SMALL!!!
I have ben catching some of the biggest Speckled trout on plastics that range from six inch to ones that are used for perch and sacalait !
The red fish are take the ole reliable green sparkle beetle under a cork tipped with market bait….some things never change!!
The river stages as well as wind direction and tide when combined are the main tools for making a difference in going fishing and catching fish.
One thing for sure is we are catching plenty of fish and things are only getting better as we approach the next two full moons that will trigger the big girlz to move over those rock beds and shallow reefs to spawn.
NOW is the time to get on the books before all the best days are taken so come on down to Delacroix Island RIP SOME LIPS and Pass a good time while it’s on fire.

Capt. Stan Cuquet
Castaway Charters
Delacroix Island LA

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