Delacroix ,Hopedale 7511

Delacroix Island , Hopedale , Pt. A La Hache report !

Well the river is dropping the water is cleaning up in some areas the fish are finally starting to show up where they should be this time of year so all seems to normal ..oh yea…and Casey Anthony is innocent….that’s like believing Rosie Odonnel is a fashion model fo Guci string bikinis!!!
Gotta wash that thought out my memory bank!!!
Any way we have been having an outstanding season and even though the river made us run farther than we would have liked to the fish have not disappointed us for the effort.
Most of the rigs near the ship channel from five wells out to central including the dope boat and the compressor have been producing numbers as well as quality.
The rocks at the Mr Go and the Bay Eloi have been most consistent with the cleaner water staying in that region as well as plenty of bait as well keeping the fish fed on a regular basis making them fat and happy like Rosie in a candy store.
The river water for the most part in Black Bay has been moving around like an oil spill depending on the direction of the wind along with the strength of the tide making it very inconsistent from day to day.
From Stone Island to Iron Banks to the wreck and back to lake Fourtuna you can have an awesome day on one day and return where you left them bitting only to be greeted by the Saber tooth Angel fish and Silver Back southeast louisiana horn trout !!!
The Speckled trout,Redfish ,Flounder and drum have been filling the box at a quick pace once you have located them.
Plenty of bird fish have been showing in the outer bays when the tides are right which will hit just about anything that moves under a cork.
On the other hand I have noticed plenty of the larger trout filling up on Pogies and river shad
which would explain why they hit the big artificial baits so hard like the Zoom Flukes and Salt Water Assassins in the 5″ to 7″sizes as well as mirrolures and rattle traps.
Congrats to TOP DOG ,Mark Pilgrim on his first topwater trout he ever caught while fishing with us on his birthday I’m sure he will doing it a lot more in the future.
We have had easy as well as tough days but that’s why they call it fishing but even on the tough days we are still having a great time and that’s what it’s all about.
Black Bay and Breton Sound are only going to get hotter as the river falls and the water clears up.
Speaking of which be sure to bring plenty of hydration cause the fishing isn’t the only thing hot!
Be sure to check out our photo Gallery for some great shots of recent trips.

Till next time …Take a trip and rip some lips!
Captain Stan Cuquet
Castaway Charters

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