The fish are in!!

It’s In the air!!!

Well folks it’s been a while since I updated what’s been going on so here goes nuttin!
The water temps are cooling down the fronts are coming thru and the fish have moved inside the marsh to fatten up for the winter migration.
We have been hitting some nice trout and reds in all the usual areas from deep bayous to shallow bays and ponds.
Some trips have been fast and furious and some have been slower but with great catches even on the bad days.
The ticket has been to find cleaner water and locate where the bait has been hanging and when the two come together it’s been on like gang busters.
Reds are staging in the bays near points willing to take just about anything you throw at them and the trout have been hanging near ambush points where there is current moving the shrimp through.
As the temps continue to fall more fish will follow the pattern and start to stage close to their winter holes which usually makes them easy targets.
Live shrimp is still their favorite but artificial baits will get the trick done as well.
Now is the time to get in on the fall action because it just gets better from here on.
November is starting to look like it will be a fantastic month so don’t wait too long to get your dates in.
No need to make the long runs outside cause the fish are in and are looking to feed!

Till next time…………Take a trip and rip some lips !

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