the time is here!

Tis the season to be…….ready!
Well here we are again looking at the water temps warming up and all the female trout on the inside are coming out of their cozy little caves looking to head out and feed up to store much needed fat in their systems and get busy doing the nasty with all those eager barking males on them shell piles who have been without for the entire winter.
Man I’m glad I aint a fish……
The water temps are warm early due to a mild winter but the big muddy might have a thing or two to say about all this before it’s all said and done.
People asked where I have been and for the most part I took a little vacation and played with those green fish for a while here in Delacroix as well as south west Texas.
You know….., that place on the border where only the Americans feel like illegal immigrants cause no one there speaks englich.
But I have to say language barrier or not the fish know what the hell I’m talking about when the rods bent and that hook is set deep in their Jaw.
I say forget about a fence just arm a few rednecks in bass boats and tell them there is only a ten per day limit but bull eyeing is allowed and there wont be a problem in less than a month.
I doubt if the democrats would vote it thru but what the hell.
Any way back to the Crow…., look for things to be earlier than last year due to temps for example shrimp arriving, pre spawn trout lurking around reefs busting mullet as well as topwater baits as well as our ever consistent showing of the Gatou…uh catfish!
Looks like we should have a good season depending on circumstances and hopefully no canes come ashore for a while.
Looking forward to seeing all my buddies on the water this season including the weather masters of disaster world wide infamous Pilgrims along with their counter terrorist from jawja the loose Cannons.
I can hear the excuses already …I wasn’t looking, didn’t have time to set the hook, I was scratching my #$@% and so on.
Get your dates together and get ready to rip some lips cause the time is here.
Catch ya soon…..Till next time ….Take a trip and rip some Lips!

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