Ken and Chris

A full moon with Ken Moon!

After scouting the day before Ken’s scheduled trip and hammering big trout in the bay the wind forecast for the next day was not too pretty for Ken and Chris the following day so we decided to try and find some reds on the inside and hopefully work our way to the outside if the wind gods were in our favor.
This was Ken and Chris first trip down from New York and were ready to do battle.
Well the day started out with beautiful sunrise as we made our way out to one of the many interior lakes that we would fish during the day and they both caught their first red fish ever…now it was BEER THIRTY IN THE MORNING!
Not the monsters of the outer bays but fun just the same.
Had a pesky alligator that kept wanting our bobbers more than the fish which brought smiles on board.
After exploring many other spots only to find the river water from the diversion had dirtied the water every where we made our way out to find cleaner water towards the outer bays.
Ken and Chris hooked up with a couple of bruisers only to be outsmarted before the net.
As the morning wore on the winds began to lay so we made our way to one of the open areas to catch a few trout and hats what was there.
Although not the bruisers that I had caught the day before but perfect 14 to 18″ fish perfect for the pan now it’s Beer THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON!
We were attacked by some monster Gafftops in the process that liked to have pulled the poles out their hands and the guys were surprised at how hard they fought.

Well all good things come to an end and the guys had a very tough condition under a beautiful sky and I for one had a great time fishing with the both of them.
I hope Kens new business all the greatest success as well as Chris with his wedding.
I think there will be a couple of hang overs this weekend in store for the guys in DA QWATA!

Till next time ….Take a trip and rip some lips!

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