Black bay Breton Sound Delacroix Report!

Were getting there!!!!

Well folks its been while since my last update but the weather conditions have not been too favorable for the fisherman lately.
That and a computer that takes as much time as Pelosi at a makeup mirror makes it a little tough to keep up.
That being said I have been keeping my eye on the big muddy and it is falling faster than expected so the water is starting to clear up and things are getting better every day.
Now when the wind gods cooperate we are having much better luck than before as the big girls move up to do their thing.
Made a run with Capt Gerry and his side kick Moby and found some nice quality trout eager to feed that were holding eggs.
Man it felt good to get out between fronts and have some fun.
Using plastics bumped along the bottom as well as hard baits we found plenty of males as well as some nice females in the normal staging areas.
As the east winds bring in a higher salinity this will only increase the amounts of fish along with it.
It never fails though that you can be the only boat within eyesight of any thing and start to catch a few fish and like magic the boats show up and anchor on top of you like it is the only spot on earth where a fish can be caught shutting down the bite for good.

For this reason I will start adding photos to my website called dummy of the day that will be dedicated to exactly that……DUHHHH…..ARE YA CATCHINUM ?
PLEASE have the common courtesy to leave a couple of casting distances between others that are catching as well as not catching fish especially as the fishing gets better and the crowds get larger
Most likely the guy your watching will most likely give you their spot when finished with it.
There are plenty of areas that produce and a little respect to others goes a long way so lets all have a great time enjoying ripping some lips and not rippin into each other.

One thing I would like to touch base on is the almighty troll motor!
The one main mistake I see all the time is people who will not anchor but instead will run circles around you with a troll motor and wonder why they are not catching fish while you are slamming them while on anchor.
It’s a very simple explanation..the fish a in an area for a reason …to feed.!
That means there is bait there keeping the fish in a particular spot.
A troll motor although you cant hear it produces an electronic hum below the surface as well as the prop turbulence that will in effect spook the bait especially since they are aware of predators in the area already as they watch there friends getting mauled by the fish you are there to catch so the baitfish will scatter which does the same to the fish you were catching.
The shallower the water the more the noise is transmitted.
Once finding a few fish try and anchor for a while and let the fish come to you.
Hope to see every body out there rippin lips and having a ball this year.
Most of all be safe and have fun.

TILL NEXT TIME…..Take a trip and rip some lips!!!

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