Delacroix / Hopedale report

WOW is all I can say !

Made a few trips lately checking on the ole stomping grounds and it seemed the big moon was doing its thing with all the little critters moving about at night which had the day time feed lacking a little luster but boy has that changed .
Limits have been the norm and some as quick as 7:00 am with trout ranging from 1 to 4 pounds
Man I can’t explain how exciting it is to watch trout busting shrimp on the surface as they literally explode and come completely out the water in the process.
Folks all I can say is the time is right to get out and have a ball and load the freezer up.
The migration of shrimp has pulled the fish out to feed up for the spawn which is making them easy pickings for all of us looking to rip some lips.
Look for your fish to be hanging around a rock bottom such as erster..uh ..oysrter beds and shell pads near url….uh oil wells in Black Bay and Breton Sound.
Give us a holler and come take a trip and rip some lips while the rippin is hot!

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